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The UFC needed a headliner for UFC 208 in Brooklyn so they created a title fight out of thin air.  The inaugural women’s featherweight title fight (145 pounds) will take place between Holly Holm and Germaine De Randamie.

The fighters given this chance at a UFC title are also very telling.  Holly Holm is coming off of 2 losses and has never competed at 145 pounds in an MMA fight in her life.  That said, she did compete between 135 and 154 pounds in her boxing career and she does have a big name from being the first women to defeat Ronda Rousey.  I think it’s the latter fact that really had the UFC put Holly Holm in this title fight.  De Randamie at least is one a two fight winning streak in the UFC (both vicious TKO’s) and has competed at featherweight in MMA before, while also kickboxing in the weight class before MMA.

I’m interested to see how many fans tune into this fight and if the UFC builds out this featherweight division after this title fight.

Holm vs De Randamie Odds

Here are the odds for this fight from Bet365.com:

  • Holly Holm 2.00
  • Germaine De Randamie 1.80

It may come as a surprise that Holly Holm is the underdog in this fight, but when you really look at her UFC career her only big win has come against Ronda Rousey, who proved in her fight with Amanda Nunes that she cannot compete with a high end striker.

My Pick

Holly Holm is on a two fight losing streak and in all honesty she has never really looked good except in her win over Ronda Rousey.  Holm had two decision wins in the UFC heading into that fight with Ronda and the decision over Raquel Pennington was a split decision.  Even against Marion Reneau, Holm did not look all that dangerous.  It took Ronda running at Holm for us to really see her striking from her boxing career as a legitimate weapon.  Don’t get me wrong, Holm is a solid fighter, but I think she has been significantly overrated coming out of that Rousey thrashing.

De Randamie was a champion kick boxer before making the switch to MMA.  Her lone loss in the UFC was to Amanda Nunes, who has gone on to become the baddest women on the planet by winning the bantamweight title and then destroying Ronda Rousey in her comeback fight.  De Randamie’s two recent wins in the UFC both came via TKO, but they were both over women who were significantly over matched, neither of which has a win in the UFC.

I really don’t think either one of these ladies deserves a title shot in any division in the UFC, but here we are.

I have to go with Holm based on the fact that De Randamie has really never beaten a solid fighter in MMA.  I also believe that Holm will actually be the better fighter in terms of wrestling and possibly even ground game in this tilt.

The UFC wants Holm to win and I think they believe that she will defeat De Randamie, which may be one of the reasons this fight was set up in the first place.

This could be the worst title fight in UFC history, but I have to go with Holly to find a way to win a decision because I don’t think she gets finished by Germaine.

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