Crazy Cross-Sport Super Bowl 52 Prop Bets

The Super Bowl matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots is a few days away, and as expected, the bookmakers have added a lot of interesting Super Bowl prop bets. For those planning to make some bets on the Super Bowl, we have selected the craziest prop bets available to make things a lot more interesting.

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Olympic Bets

If you’re into the Winter Olympics, you can make things interesting by betting on the total number of gold medals the USA will win in the 2018 Winter Olympics versus the total first-quarter points by the Patriots and Eagles. Gold medals are currently minus -0.5.

Stanley Cup Playoffs

If the Winter Olympics aren’t your thing, you can place a wager on the number of playoff games the NHL’s expansion team, the Las Vegas Golden Knights will win (-0.5) versus the against the total amount of touchdowns scored by the Eagles and Patriots in the Super Bowl.


For those who enjoy some basketball action, there are a few options to choose from here.

You can bet on the total amount of points James will score against the Houston Rockets on February 3 versus Eagles quarterback Nick Foles’ total pass attempts (-6.5).

Philadelphia fans can also bet on their favorite basketball team because there is a prop bet on the total amount of points Philadelphia 76ers rookie Ben Simmons will score against the Indiana Pacers on February 3, versus the total amount of points the Eagles will score against the Patriots. (-3.5).


Soccer fans can get in on the action as well because there are plenty of prop bets involving soccer teams and players.

You can bet on the total combined goals in a soccer match between Newcastle United and Crystal Palace on February 4 against the total number of touchdowns the Eagles will score (PK).

You can also bet on the total number of goals Tottenham’s Harry Kane will score vs the total number of touchdown passes Tom Brady will have in the second quarter (PK).

Random Bets

Since this is the Super Bowl, it isn’t really surprising that you can bet on if Patriots head coach Bill Belichick will wear a hoodie on Sunday or the number of times “Dilly Dilly” is said during the broadcast.

If you can’t find a prop bet you like on this list, there are a lot more options to choose from as you enjoy the final NFL game of the season.

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