Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Free Betting Pick

The fight of the century is taking place two months from today on August 26th, 2017.  Floyd Mayweather, who is arguably the most successful boxer of all time with a record of 49-0, is taking on UFC Champion Conor McGregor in a boxing match.  Conor is an MMA champ, but he’s 0-0 in boxing and let’s be honest here, boxing and MMA are different sports and even the striking is very different between the two.  It may not seem like the fight makes a lot of sense on paper, but the money does the talking for this one and the fight is tracking to break 5 million PPV buys and set a record as the biggest fight in modern history.  With those kind of numbers expected it’s no wonder that this fight is happening.

You may have guessed from my lead in paragraph that I fully expect Floyd to win this fight.  That said, let’s break it down a bit more and give my picks using the odds from, our top rated sportsbooks.

McGregor vs Mayweather – To Win

It’s crazy to me that the odds on McGregor have shortened so much (and I actually expect them to shorten more as the hype builds to the fight).  McGregor is a terrific MMA fighter, who has massive power in his left hand, but he has never competed in a boxing ring in his life.  In this fight he’s being asked to fight arguably the best boxer of our generation with no actual competitive boxing experience.  Yes, McGregor has made a habit of doing the improbable in his UFC career, basically doing exactly what he predicted each fight down to the round he would KO his opponent.  Aldo was also a monster in the UFC having not lost in 10 years prior to his McGregor fight and Conor KO’d him in just 13 seconds.  The fact that he’s done these things in the past will make believers our of some fans, but this is simply a whole other level and it’s close to inconceivable that he could win this fight.

I think odds of 1.16 on Mayweather are very fair, but I would wait until closer to the fight because I wouldn’t be surprised if the odds lengthen to closer to 1.25, which is an absolute steal on a guy I think has a 95% chance of winning this fight.

Play: Mayweather 1.16 @

McGregor vs Mayweather Prop Betting Pick

There are also a ton of prop bets that you can make on this fight.  Because I believe Mayweather will get the win it makes sense to look at the props to try to find a better return than just 16 cents on the dollar.

This is a 12 round fight (3 minute rounds), which is 36 minutes in the ring.  Boxing is an extremely tiring sport, likely even moreso for Conor who is not used to the style of fight that is required in a boxing match.  Conor tired in the second round in his loss to Nate, which resulted in him losing by submission and even in the rematch with Nate, although Conor was able to go the full 5 rounds he really had to pace himself and looked very tired on a couple occasions before rallying.  If he looks tired against Floyd, I think Mayweather will be able to jump on him and find a way to get him to the mat.  Floyd doesn’t have the power to really knock him out, unless he lands a very clean punch, but I think the pressure will be too much for Conor and if he looks gassed and isn’t adequately defending himself I expect the ref to jump in and stop the fight for a TKO.

At Bet365 the TKO odds are 3.25, but I’m going to recommend taking the KO, TKO or DQ odds in order to account for the knockout and also the off chance that Conor throws some illegal MMA strikes that result in a DQ.

Play: Mayweather KO, TKO or DQ 1.66 @

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