Betting on Every Day Except ChristmasWelcome to, my online sports betting website and free picks blog. I am a sports betting fanatic who places wagers every single day of the year, with the exception of Christmas Day. This constant betting is how I came up with the name of this site, Bet364!

I wager on pretty much every sport out there. tennis, hockey, basketball, soccer, football, MMA, boxing, etc. You name the sport and I have probably placed a few bets on it in my lifetime. Although I’m placing bets and handicapping sports every day, I don’t have the time to post every single one of my picks to the website. Instead I will try to get up my best picks throughout the year to help you win some money from your online bookie.

Speaking of online sportsbooks, I do want to recommend my favorite site to you all. is the site where I place the vast majority of my wagers.  I find they offer a nice selection of odds on all of the sports that I like to bet on and I really like their commitment to making deposits/withdrawals quick, easy and painless.  I personally deposit and withdraw via bitcoin and it’s nice to easily deposit and quickly get withdrawals of my winnings within minutes.

Betway accepts players from everywhere in the world and if you’re looking for a place to bet on sports I strongly recommend them.  Here’s a link where you can sign up.

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